Pakistan – Interview – “The blasphemy law destroys lives”

Pakistan “The blasphemy law destroys lives” Dominican Father James Channan has been working to establish a dialogue between Christians and Muslims for years – in a country in which acts of violence against the infinitesimally small minority of Christians are a regular occurrence and any perceived criticism of Islam is subject to draconian punishments under […]

Night of Witnesses – The testimony of Mother Mary Catherine KINGBO of Niger

Night of Witnesses – Paris, France The testimony of Mother Mary Catherine of Niger It is early January 2015. There is a media flurry of the Mohammed cartoons in the satirical French Paris based magazine Charlie Hebdo, and tension is mounting in Niger. On January 16 and 17, incensed crowds of Muslim demonstrators begin attacking […]

Feature Story – EU reps Skype with Syrian Children

Aid to the Church in Need Initiative at the European Parliament with Syrian Children European parliamentarians will be speaking directly to school-children from Aleppo, Syria via Skype this Tuesday December 6, also, Saint Nicolas day. In cooperation with the pontifical charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), European Parliament Vice-President Mr. Antonio Tajani along […]


World ACN Report on Religious Freedom Rapport 2016  “Hyper-extremism” : a threat to World Peace Religious Fundamentalism – more lethal than ever seen before – is unleashing death, destruction, displacement and instability at unprecedented levels, according to a report out today.  This is at least what is concluded in the report published today – online in […]

ACN Interview – Aleppo: the dark city

ACN Interview Aleppo: the dark city Father Ziad Hilal, a Jesuit priest who has been helping the victims of the war in Syria for a very long time now, once in Homs and now in Aleppo, recently spoke with Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need.   What was the situation like in Aleppo? […]

Our Project of the Week in Brazil

Brazil New books for a seminary in Diamantina It was not by chance that the city of Diamantina got its name – for in the 17th century this was the first place where diamonds were found outside of Asia. But, as happens everywhere in the world, those who got rich were only a few lucky […]

Project of the Week – 5,000 Child’s Bibles for Pakistan!

Pakistan 5,000 copies of Child’s Bibles in the Urdu language   Christians in Pakistan face all kinds of discrimination, harassment and oppression. Most of these Christians are from the poorest and lowliest sections of society and they must stand up to all sorts of difficulties standing in the way of their social advancement.   Usually […]

Press Release – Upcoming symposium in Montreal : “Are Christians in the world victims of genocide?”

  Canada                 Symposium on Christians victimized by genocide With participation from Aid to the Church in Need Canada Montreal, April 19 2016 – “ We estimate from our point of view that Christians in Syria and in Iraq are suffering a slow, but certain, genocide,” says Marie-Claude […]

Feature story : “We identify more with Good Friday than with Easter”

Jerusalem, the Holy Land “We identify more with Good Friday than with Easter” Holy Week has begun in Jerusalem with the big Palm Sunday procession – but the political situation has left its mark      Jerusalem belongs to the Christians on Palm Sunday. Bearing palm fronds and olive branches, thousands of locals and visitors from […]