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India in the Grip of Covid

India in the Grip of Covid

India in the Grip of Covid: “It is only our faith that keeps us going.”  India is all over the news these days. The pandemic, which is a threat to people worldwide, has delivered a…

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327 million Christians in the world today are faced with the difficult and imprisoning realities of discrimination, and/or persecution. That is, the largest faith group suffering in this way on the planet.

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Our Mission is to support Christians in Need

Founded in 1947 as a Catholic aid organisation for war refugees and recognised as a Pontifical Charity since 2011, Aid to the Church in Need is dedicated to the service of Christians around the world, through information, prayer and action, wherever they are persecuted or oppressed or suffering material need.

ACN supports every year an average of 6.000 projects in close to 150 countries, thanks to private donations, as the foundation receives no public funding.


Drop of Milk

A Drop of Milk for the Children of Homs, Syria Objective: $378,000  © Ismael Martinez Sanchez / ACN The children of Syria are marked by conflict that has persisted since 2011. Parents and friends have disappeared and died or have been wounded. The signs of war are imprinted on the landscape and on the hearts of […]

Witnesses 2020

DONATE Overview Testimonials Projects Lent Booklet DONATE SAY A PRAYER FOR THE MARTYRS AND WITNESSES OF LOVE #PrayForTheMartyrs #PersecutedChristians SAY A PRAYER FOR THE MARTYRS AND WITNESSES OF LOVE #PrayForTheMartyrs #PersecutedChristians OVERVIEW Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world today. A fact many people are not aware of. 80% OF PEOPLE Who suffer […]

Responding to COVID-19

COVID-19: The Church Still Needs You The Needs are Greater than Ever Before Donate Responding to COVID-19 The Church still needs you!Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has committed to giving 7.5 million dollars for the support of priests and religious who are supporting vulnerable communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.To help mitigate the impact of the […]

A Pontifical Charity with Worldwide Reach

We ‍consider ‍it ‍our ‍task and responsibility ‍to ‍support ‍the ‍Church, ‍particularly ‍in ‍areas ‍where ‍Christians ‍are suffering due to the consequences of ‍war, ‍oppression, ‍religious persecution ‍and ‍other forms of violence.