World Refugee Day: An Overview of ACN Support for Refugees

In 2020, ACN funded more than 25 projects to support refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in different parts of the world, especially those in Africa and the Middle East. Africa Sub-Sahara Africa hosts more than 26% of the world’s refugee population as a result of new conflicts erupting and the ongoing crisis. ACN’s focus […]

“Catechists are the backbone of the Church”

Aid to the Church in Need supports the work of lay preachers all over the world “We are very excited about the most recent Apostolic Letter Antiquum Ministerium, with which the pope has established the ‘lay ministry’ of catechists with its own Rite of Institution,” Regina Lynch, director of projects at the international Catholic pastoral […]

ACN Interview: Uganda and the Hope for refugees from South Sudan

  ACN Interview Uganda and the Hope for refugees from South Sudan Christine du Coudray, the person responsible for the Africa Department at the Pontifical Charity, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), returned from a journey to Uganda a few weeks ago. While there she visited the Bidibidi and Imvepi camps located in the north-west […]

Uganda: Birth of a new place of grace

Uganda: Birth of a new place of grace   “Don’t go there, they worship the devil there,” the people warned Bishop Francis Aquirinius Kibira when he was ordained as bishop. This region in southwestern Uganda, at the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was considered a dark and dangerous place. Violence and crime […]

ACN Feature – Uganda awaits the visit of Pope Francis

Uganda Pope’s visit gives faith to young Church   The Pope’s celebration of Uganda’s martyrs will revitalize the faith of the young Church in Uganda according to a local Catholic bishop   Speaking to Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), Msgr. John Baptist Kauta, Secretary General of the Uganda Episcopal Conference, described how […]

Journey with ACN – Uganda

JOURNEY WITH ACN is our weekly newsletter regularly posted to our website and designed to acquaint you with the needs of the Catholic Church around the world and introducing you to various projects we have helped to bring into being together with our partners and ACN benefactors. This week:  Uganda Success Story: Mass Offerings for the priests teaching at the seminary […]

Journey with ACN – Uganda

JOURNEY WITH ACN is our Friday newsletter which will be regularly posted to our blog.   Our weekly newsletter was designed to provide us with an opportunity to acquaint you with the needs of the Catholic Church around the world – and with some of the projects we have been able to realize together with […]

Press Release : A hindered return of child soldiers to Uganda

By Eva-Maria Kollman, ACN International Adapted by AB Griffin, ACN Canada The situation in Central African Republic hinders the return of Ugandan child soldiers Montreal, October 22, 2013 – Following the coup in the Central African Republic, it has become more difficult for Ugandan child soldiers abducted to that country to return to their homes. […]

Uganda – Renovation of the seminary in Alokolum

by ACN International Adapted by ACN Canada At present, in the village of Alokolum, northern Uganda,  220 young men from various different dioceses of the country are training for the priesthood at the major seminary . This is good news of course, but it also presents the seminary with a major challenge,for now it is bursting […]

Uganda: New studio inaugurated on “World Communications Day”

“Radio Wa contributes greatly to peace and reconciliation”  The radio station which set ablaze by LRA rebels in 2002 during the civil war and had since been housed in temporary accommodation has finally been reconstructed. On the occasion of the 47th World Communications Day, May 12th, the north Ugandan diocese of Lira, the new building […]