From its beginnings, the Church has provided care for those in need. In addition to its pastoral mission, it is committed to sponsoring social assistance organizations worldwide and supporting those in need in many crisis areas.

But many do not realize that the Church itself often requires urgent help! Mainly in developing countries and among those affected by displacement, persecution or catastrophe. The numbers speak volumes: in our world today, some 200 million people cannot freely exercize their faith. The fundamental right of religious freedom is not guaranteed in more than 80 countries.

“I am so grateful for all that you are doing to help our suffering people. May our Lord bless you, and our brothers and sisters in Christ.” – Sr. Annie Demerjian, project partner, Syria

Christians are currently persecuted, discriminated against or oppressed in more than 40 countries. Here the Church’s infrastructure and the human dignity of the faithful cannot be maintained through their own resources, or if so, only with great difficulty. In many of these countries, monetary donations are the only source of income for the Church.

Unlike most charities working to alleviate social needs, Aid to the Church in Need concentrates on supporting local churches, thereby upholding the ideals of Christian charity.

Together with hundreds of thousands of benefactors and project partners, we support Christians around the world under our guiding principle “information, prayer and action.” In addition, we are committed to religious freedom and reconciliation across all faiths. Our long-standing experience and belief in the power of charity encourage us to continue on this path and to inspire people with our work around the globe.