Existence Help for Religious

Particularly in areas with a great shortage of priests, religious Sisters literally take care of everyone, in the name of God. Children and adults, the disabled, orphans, the sick and the dying, the downtrodden and seekers, as well as the traumatized.

Religious women often work under the most difficult conditions and are the last to leave a conflict situation long after other aid agencies have left. Learn more in the book co-written by Director Marie-Claude Lalonde: God’s Initiative-Stories of Exceptional Sisters

Existence help for religious Sisters

“We recognize a successful aid project when people are free to live their faith once again.”

Regina Lynch, Director of Projects

Through their constant prayers and daily devotions, cloistered contemplative Sisters provide needed and significant help “behind the scenes” to the suffering Church as well.

In 2018 alone, ACN supported 11,046 religious Sisters all the way from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, in their very varied and extremely valuable work.