Democratic Republic of the Congo—Islamists are redrawing the East of the country

The national Congolese Bishops’ Conference calculates that there have been over 6,000 people killed in Beni since 2013 and over 2,000 in Bunia in the year 2020 alone. There are also an estimated, at least, 3 million internal refugees and around 7,500 people who have been kidnapped. There is a grand scheme to Islamize or expel the local populations

The Democratic Republic of Congo, an agony ignored by the world

Democratic Republic of Congo A death struggle forgotten by the world   The wave of violence that is currently tearing apart the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) continues to affect the Church as well. However, there is still hope for peace. Representatives of the recently attacked seminary of Malole (Kasai-Central) ask for prayers for peace […]