Holy Land: “I can hardly believe I’m in Nazareth”

At the conclusion of the Year of Faith in the Holy Land by Oliver Maksan, for ACN International adapted by AB Griffin, ACN Canada ACN Montreal, November 21, 2013 – On Sunday morning a radiant sky looked down on the crowd of thousands who had gathered for the conclusion of the Year of Faith in […]

Finding Jesus in the cake shop

By Reinhard Backes, ACN International Adapted by ACN Canada Christine Kapadia comes from Gujarat in western India. Just like almost 90 per cent of the 60 million inhabitants of this state, she grew up as a Hindu, in a quite common Indian family. But what was rather unusual, was the lively interest she showed as […]

Pakistan – A chapel for a new Christian village for liberated slaves

  The following series of texts has an objective to introduce you to the many kinds of assistance needed by various organizations, parishes or Catholic communities throughout the world.  We invite you to travel with us to all the continents that you may see how very important your support is to them.   Enjoy the […]