Terrorism in Mozambique – Church wants to be part of the solution, says bishop

In the wake of the murder of an Italian nun, the bishop of Pemba, where the Islamist insurgency began, says that poverty and corruption are at the root of the problem. (Cover photo: Internally Displaced People in the north of Mozambique). In an interview with Pontifical Charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), which […]

Interview – Nigeria: It is a difficult time for us, and we would call on the entire world to hold us in their prayers

In the wake of the Pentecost massacre, a Nigerian priest calls “on anybody who can, to assist us with investigations on the ground” to help uncover the truth. The first information about the culprits responsible for the killing of dozens of people who were attending Mass on Pentecost Sunday in Owo, in the Diocese of […]

Mozambique: ACN announces $145,000 in emergency aid to alleviate the emergency in the country

New massacres by jihadists, with the number of refugees climbing daily. Cabo Delgado, the northernmost province of Mozambique, has been a theatre of violence and a living hell for its people since October 2017. In a series of over 600 brutal attacks across nine separate districts of this northern region by armed insurgents who claim […]

ACN Feature – Iraq: ”I wonder when the birds will come back.”

Telskuf, Iraq ISIS left, there destruction remains   It is the silence that you notice first. Not just a lack of noise but an absence of sounds. Even the birds have left.   I am in Telskuf, Iraq, about 32 kilometers north of the Islamic State (ISIS) stronghold of Mosul and two kilometers from the […]

Press Release – Iraq : A lasting Crisis

   Iraq One year after the attack by Islamic State August 6th will mark the first anniversary of the Islamic State (IS) attack on Northern Iraq.  After 2,000 years of Christianity, the population of Mosul was uprooted, pillaged and humiliated because of its faith.  “We need national, regional and international, solidarity to put an end […]


Growing fears for the safety of Syrians By John Newton, ACN United Kingdom Adapted by Amanda Bridget Griffin, ACN Canada  ACN, Montreal – Wednesday, February 25, 2015 – Fears are growing for the safety of more than 100 people taken captive yesterday (Tuesday, February 24) as the extremist group Islamic State (IS) seized Christian villages […]

PRESS RELEASE: Jordan – Aid to the Church in Need supports Christian refugees from Iraq

Oliver Maksan, ACN International Adapted by Robert Lalonde, ACN Canada  Montreal, Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 – The Catholic pastoral charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has allocated $77 500 of humanitarian aid for Christian refugees from Iraq. This will support about 200 families from the Mosul region who have been taken in by the […]

Jordan – “We have lost everything”

Oliver Maksan, ACN International Adapted by Robert Lalonde, ACN Canada  Raed is in his mid 40s. But when he is telling his story he looks much older than that. Weeks of fear and uncertainty have left the mark on the Chaldean Catholic from Mossul. “We have been fleeing from ISIS for a month,” he says […]

Iraq “Silence and passivity will encourage IS to commit more tragedies”

By Eva-Maria Kolmann, ACN International Adapted by Amanda Bridget Griffin, ACN Canada   Baghdad/Montreal, August 25, 2014 – The Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako has warned of the spreading violence of Islamic State (IS). “Silence and passivity will encourage IS fundamentalists to commit more tragedies.” The question must be asked, “Who will be next?” to be […]