Venezuela – ACN Success Story: Bibles and catechisms for the youth apostolate

For several years now, Venezuela has been going through a crisis almost without parallel—a crisis only further exacerbated by the pandemic. Almost 80% of the country’s approximately 33 million citizens today suffer extreme poverty, and many indeed real hunger. There is a dire lack of the basics, including water, electricity and fuel, making life almost […]

ACN interviews His Eminence Cardinal Schöenborn about the YOUCAT giveaway at WYD in Rio

ACN:  Your Eminence what are your thoughts on WYD Rio? Schönborn: It is my second time in Brazil. The first time I was here in 1996, and I see a country that is full of live, a Church that is a kind of explosion of vitality. I see so many new communities growing in Brazil. […]

Brazil – An appointment with the Pope

ACN International Adapted by Amanda Griffin  “I look forward joyfully to this coming July in Rio de Janeiro! I will see you in that great city in Brazil!” Pope Francis called out these words on Palm Sunday to the young people of the world. His invitation includes not only the young people from those wealthier […]

One million more YOUCATs for World Youth Day 2013 in Brazil

Reinhard Backes, ACN International Adapted by Amanda Bridget Griffin, ACN Canada  In preparation for the World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s dioceses and new Catholic movements are given a million additional copies of YOUCAT, the new youth catechism published by the universal Catholic Church. Jacinto Bergmann, Archbishop of Pelotas, chair of the […]