Lebanon – Help for the formation of 11 Melkite Greek Catholic seminarians in Harissa

For the past three years, Lebanon has been going through an unparalleled economic collapse that has not only plunged a large part of the population into poverty but has also presented an enormous challenge for priestly formation. Above all, the soaring energy and food prices are making it difficult for the seminaries to cover the […]

ACN’s Project of the week – Argentina – Scholarship funding for 12 seminarians

Argentina Scholarship  funding for  12 seminarians Miles Christi – a religious community of priests, was founded in 1994 in Argentina. The “Soldiers of Christ’’ – the name in English – speaks something different from what the world has to offer. The vow of the members stipulates that they should reject a “vulgar, empty and useless life”. […]

ACN Project of the Week – Sarajevo

  Bosnia and Herzegovina Help for the training in Sarajevo The Bosnian war raged from 1992 to 1995 and at that time approximately half the Catholic Croats in the country were forced to leave and seek refuge abroad. Today, there are only around 450,000 Catholics still living in the country.   While it is true […]