Lebanon: Georgette’s Struggle to Feed Her Three Grandchildren

“I don’t have anyone…” There was a time when Beirut was known as the ‘Paris of the Middle East’, and the memory of those “glamorous” times is all the more painful today, given the profound crisis that Lebanon is currently experiencing. For the financial crisis, with the banks on the brink of bankruptcy, the devastatingly […]

Aid to the Church in Need in Lebanon: More than ever before, we must continue with our efforts!

Press Release – For Immediate Release More than $250,000 is the amount that the benefactors of Aid to the Church in Need Canada (ACN) have been sending to disaster victims in Lebanon since mid-September. And now more than ever, we must continue! Annie Desrosiers, Head of Philanthropy for ACN Canada, has been praising benefactors from […]

Beirut: Nabil’s Miraculous Escape—An Appeal for Help

August 4 should have been the happiest day in the life of Jad, a young Lebanese man. It was the day when his wife, Christelle, gave birth to their first son, Nabil, in St. George’s Hospital, in Beirut. Their happiness lasted just 15 minutes. At 6:07 p.m., 3,030 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded in Hanger […]

Beirut: Rebuilding Greek Melkite Catholic Church of the Saviour, built in 1890

“Our mission is to bring light into the darkness we are living” ACN supports the reconstruction of the Church of the Saviour in Beirut “Our Hiroshima.” This is how one survivor describes the tragic explosion of August 4 in which she lost her house and home. “It was worse than a war, because it happened […]

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) to Support Reconstruction of Beirut with Over Seven Million Dollars

The charity announces new aid initiatives, ten weeks on from the catastrophic explosion in the city. The international charity Aid to the Church in Need is increasing its planned aid program for the Christians affected by the massive explosion in Beirut on August 4 this year – to a total of 7.25 million dollars. The […]

Lebanon: Counting on help – both spiritual and financial.

An interview with Reinhard Backes, head of projects for the pontifical charity Aid to the Church in Need, after his visit Lebanon from 7 to 16 September. What is the situation in Lebanon?   The Lebanese people, and especially the Christians because their quarters were most badly hit by the blast, are suffering a lot. […]

Lebanon: A Ray of Hope in Beirut!

The anticipation that bare kitchen cupboards would soon be filled stirred a flurry of enthusiasm at the Socio-Medical Intercommunity Dispensary in the poor Beirut neighbourhood of Nabaa. There, beneficiaries of the center gathered to receive food packages, thanks to the support of the international pontifical charity Aid to the Church in Need.  Even before Lebanon’s […]

ACN Project of the Week – Lebanon

Helping Lebanon by Preparing Seminarians Until recently, Lebanon has been the only country in the Middle East with a Christian majority. Today, Christians make up no more than an estimated 34% of the total population. Among those left,  only one quarter of young people aged under 25 are Christian. The emigration of the Christian population […]

Lebanon in Crisis: “We Need A Miracle”

Quietly and politely they form a line in the hot sun outside the Socio-Medical Intercommunity Dispensary in the poor Beirut neighborhood of Nabaa.  Some are elderly and live alone.  Others have families to feed.  All have put aside any embarrassment in accepting a handout, in order to eat. The dispensary has been run by the […]