Lebanon – a Carmelite monastery attracts Christian and Muslims

The 52dn Eucharistic Congress The monastery of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in the town of Hazmieh, in the suburbs of Beirut, is a popular destination for Christians of all denominations, and indeed for Muslims as well. Women and men of all ages come here, sometimes from some distance away, to visit the little shrine […]

Conflict in the Holy Land: ‘The Delicate Work of Hana Bendcowsky’

Hana Bendcowsky is program director of the Jerusalem Centre for Jewish – Christian Relations (JCJCR). The program has been supported for many years by ACN. Despite the long war in Gaza, Mrs. Bendcowsky continues to maintain dialogue between Jews and Christians in Israel. ACN: Mrs Bendcowsky, Is Jewish-Christian dialogue possible in these days following the […]

The Philippines – Extremists try to create confusion and interreligious tension in the Philippines

The Philippines Extremists try to create confusion and interreligious tension in the Philippines On 27 January 2019, two bombs exploded inside the Jolo cathedral in the Sulu Archipelago, situated between the islands of between Mindanao and Borneo. The attack killed 23 people and injured112 others. On January 30, there was a grenade attack on a […]

“The seed has been sown” – Abu Dhabi interreligious dialogue conference

Pope Francis “The seed has been sown” Eastern Church leaders hope historic papal visit in Abu Dhabi will be a source of lasting momentum Catholic Church leaders from the Near East have emphasised the significance of Pope Francis’s visit to the United Arab Emirates. “I believe that this is a very positive sign for the […]

Central African Republic – The forgotten war in the heart of Africa

Central African Republic: “we were obliged to bury many people of all different religions”   The present situation in the Central African Republic, following five years of war and violence, is a profoundly distressing one. Speaking to the 37th Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva, Bishop Juan José Aguirre-Muñoz of Bangassou […]

ACN Interview – Interreligious dialogue in Pakistan

Pakistan Grand Imam and Dominican Unite Against Christian Persecution in Pakistan With persecution against Christians rife as the result of radicals and militants,  the Grand Imam of Pakistan’s second largest mosque, Badshahi Mosque in Lahore,  Imam Syed Muhammad  Abdul Khabir Azad, and a Dominican priest, Father James Channan OP, are working together to protect the […]