Pakistan – “There is a blessing for those who touch the Word of God.”

On September 30, the Church celebrates the memory of Saint Jerome, a doctor of the Church who translated the Bible into Latin. September is the month of the Bible, and the Church recalls Saint Jerome’s profound conviction that “he who does not know Holy Scripture does not know Christ.” Aid to the Church in Need […]

Sri Lanka: Victims of Easter bombings ask Pope for help in uncovering the truth

The Easter Sunday bombings in 2019 in Sri Lanka killed 269 people and injured more than 500 others. Three years after the incident, a delegation of victims and leaders from different religious communities visited Pope Francis as part of a campaign for clarity on those responsible for the attacks. The Holy Father has asked the […]

Project of the Week: A Success Story from India thanks to ACN Benefactors

PPE now available for the Sisters of Mercy in West Bengal The Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross in the Indian state of West Bengal are working on the front lines against time and the pandemic with a second wave that has hit India, in particular, very hard.  Our generous benefactors heard their cry […]

Belarus: “Pope Francis is concerned about the situation.”

The international community is shocked at the situation in Belarus, which is marked by the brutal suppression of protests and sanctions. This state of affairs is exacerbated by the fact that Belarus has been hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis. In the current tense circumstances, repressive measures are being also inflicted on the country’s Catholic […]

Project of the Week: Mass Offerings and Support sent to the Brazilian Amazon

Mass Offerings for priests and support for religious Sisters in the Amazonian diocese of Humaitá, Brazil  The diocese of Humaità is situated in northwest Brazil, in the state of Amazonas. It covers a vast area of over 136,000 km² (larger than Greece), but sparsely populated with only 135,000 inhabitants. Around 55,000 of these people are concentrated in the city of Humaità itself, while the rest […]

A Call to Pray with the People of Myanmar

“People of Myanmar: Let Us Raise Our Hands and Pray” On August 2, the Myanmar Catholic Bishops’ Conference called on their people to pray in the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Excerpt: ” We are not politicians. We always seek the good of our people. Through this appeal, I call upon all people to […]

India: Fighting to Survive Together

Archbishop of Bhopal sees encouraging signs in spite of the crisis India is currently experiencing a devastating surge of COVID-19 cases. On June 10, the death toll of a 24-hour period rose to over 6,000. These numbers are based on figures added to the national death toll by the state of Bihar on the previous […]

Emergency Aid Campaign for India

Aid to the Church in Need Canada (ACN) is launching an appeal for urgent support for its project partners in India. “In a plea for help sent out last week, Sister Christin, a religious Sister from the Holy Cross congregation I was fortunate enough to meet on a trip in 2016, implores us to help. In a video, she says the health system has flat out collapsed,” says Marie-Claude Lalonde, national director of ACN.

India in the Grip of Covid

India in the Grip of Covid: “It is only our faith that keeps us going.”  India is all over the news these days. The pandemic, which is a threat to people worldwide, has delivered a particularly hard blow to the country. ACN is actively supporting the local Church. The charity has funded around 27 projects (worth over $555,000) to support priests […]

Project of the Week – Protecting Priests and Religious with PPE Against Covid-19 in Zambia

Priests and religious Sisters in Zambia need our help. You see, the pandemic in this country has been spreading rapidly and with the cold season’s arrival in April – the fear of further spread is imminent. ACN Benefactors have already been able to help with personal protective equipment (PPE) for 1,486 of these devoted souls. Now, with your help, we need to raise more for another 538 in the dioceses of Chipata, Kawe and Kasama. Learn more and share – our Project of the Week!