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Help needed to complete a parish centre in Voyutychi

By ACN International Projects Department
Published online in Canada March 31, 2020

The Church in Ukraine still suffers to this day from the consequences of Soviet communist persecution. Many of the Church properties that were confiscated by the communist regime have still not been returned to this day; others have been returned, but in pitiful condition. Repairs and restoration of badly damaged are possible, but only a little at a time. And in many cases total replacements of church buildings are required.

Following political changes, the Latin-rite Catholic parish of Saint Katharine of Alexandria was reopened in Voyutychi, West Ukraine, within the Lviv administrative district. It has been a long journey to completely restore this church and =the presbytery, was in such poor condition that it could only be demolished. To this day, the priests have to live in cramped and unsuitable conditions above the sacristy of the church – there is nowhere else for them to live – nor is there any suitable place for the many and varied activities of this lively parish community serving148 families. Until now all activities – the children’s and youth groups, the altar servers’ group, the elderly people‘s club, the Legion of Mary, the parish choir and many others, have had to cope with inadequate conditions, which is of course hampering their work over the long term.


It was therefore decided to build a new parish centre that could provide living accommodations for two priests and furnish the necessary space for the various different groups to conduct all their activities.


Construction has already begun! The parish priest, Father Victor Palczynski, has asked for our help. We are making a contribution of $15,000 for the building to be readied for use.


Thank you for donating!

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Help needed to complete a parish centre in Voyutychi, Ukraine


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