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Construction of a security wall to protect against terrorist attacks

In recent years there have been a succession of terrorist attacks on Christian churches in Pakistan. A very real danger of further attacks looms. As a result, it is imperative that Christians strengthen the security measures around their churches and parish centres.

In fact, these measures have also been required by the government, with a minimum of specific safety standards. These include solid, high, protective walls, topped with barbed wire and equipped with video surveillance cameras. Needless to say, implementing these measures is a heavy financial burden for many communities, as the ordinary Catholic faithful in Pakistan are generally poor and belong to the lowest social strata. And, because as members of a religious minority in the country, they have few, if any, opportunities for economic advancement in society.

As a result, ACN receives constant requests from parish communities and other Church establishments in Pakistan for help in implementing these necessary security measures.

This time, it is the parish of Our Lady of Loreto located in the diocese of Multan that has requested our support. The church and parish house were built 60 years ago by Italian Dominican missionaries. At that time, there were no threats of terrorism, and no need to build an enclosure wall around the land. As the situation became more dangerous, the faithful themselves built a wall with their own resources. But it is not sufficiently robust and constantly damaged by wind and weather. It is also too low and does not meet the stringent standards required by the government, which is moreover demanding rapid implementation of the security measures.

In short, the faithful simply do not have the resources to build the required security wall and barbed wire fencing. So their priest has turned to ACN, confident of our support. Needless to say, we want to help as quickly as possible, with $38,250. Can you help us, help them?

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