ACN Success Story – Malawi

A vehicle for a Catholic radio station in Malawi

In many parts of Africa the Church is confronted with the challenge of vast distances and poor road conditions, which greatly increase the difficulties of her pastoral outreach. Yet at the same time the faithful have a great longing for God and for the Gospel message. 

Such is the situation in the diocese of Karonga in northern Malawi. Which is why the Catholic radio station Tuntufye FM is such an important means of reaching the faithful on a daily basis, even in the most remote and inaccessible villages. Evangelization is the most important goal of the station. However, at the same time it also provides development aid in the form of practical advice and information. 

In this context we received a request for help from the diocese, since the station needed a vehicle for its work, one that could cope with the difficult road conditions. For ultimately the aim was to be able to offer outside broadcasts not only from the central station itself but also from all over the diocese. But given the distances and, in the rainy season above all, the sometimes near impossible road conditions, it wasn‘t always possible to involve all the parishes. But since the aim of the station is to include the whole of the diocese, it was frustrating for the faithful in some of the remoter districts never to be able to send contributions from their own parishes.  

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, however, we were able to provide 28,114 Euros for a sturdy all-terrain vehicle to serve the radio station. So now both the staff of the station and above all the listeners can take pleasure in a more varied and higher quality programme. „This vehicle has given a great boost to the work of the radio, and greatly reduced our difficulties with mobility, which were hampering the activities of the station“, says station director Innocent Nazombe, happily. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have helped! 

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