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The Extraordinary Consecrated Women of the Church Series

Religious Sisters in KAZAKHSTAN

These extraordinary women: Sr. Rita, Sr. Viera and Sr. Samuela work in a post-communist country caring for young children who have run away from their homes, traumatized, due to the devastating effects of alcoholism and abuse.  They seek to provide a real home for these children and for all their needs—helping them develop in a wholesome way in a safe and nurturing environment. We’re sure you will understand why supporting these women is so very important for us—they rely on us!

Religious Sisters in PERU

These extraordinary women: like Mother Graciana and the courageous Sisters who live with her in the mountains of Peru accompany those whose lives are extremely difficult and isolated.  The Sisters have received special permission from the Pope to give the Sacraments to the people, for there are no priests in this region—these extraordinary women, are the beating heart of the Church!

Religious Sisters in SYRIA

This extraordinary woman’s name is Sr Samaia Jriej.  She is the director of a school for intellectually disabled children in war-torn Homs in Syria. She works hard to bring hope and life to this community of children, and also to all children by teaching them Christian values and devotion to Christ.  She relies on ACN to help support her extraordinary work with these precious gifts in our human family. 

Religious Sisters in UKRAINE

This extraordinary woman is called Julia, or now, Sr Clara since taking her beloved Jesus as the husband she prayed for.  Sr Clara lives with a community of hardworking and contemplative Sisters in Ukraine—a country where hardships and suffering never seem to come to an end. The Sisters find their joy in dedicated prayer and some things—for they believe that small acts can become great ones through God’s grace. These women’s dedication to praying for all humanity inspires us all.

Religious Sisters in Rwanda 

After surviving the genocide in Rwanda 25 years ago this week, the Pallotine Sisters are lifting up the people in Masaka with their work in a health-center, a kindergarten, schools, and also by visiting people in their homes. ACN supports their very real mission of reconciliation and healing.

An exciting collaboration of speakers Thursday September 24th, 2020 – topic: Faith in the Public Square: Christian Persecution – How Canada Can Help The Victims.  The date for this webinar was chosen to highlight the upcoming World Day of Migrants and Refugees this coming Sunday, September 27, 2020.
On this panel, ACN National Director, Marie-Claude Lalonde.  We invite you to enjoy this informative webinar hosted by the Archdiocese of Toronto.