Urgent Call for Lebanon

Recent Update!

ACN has increased its program to help Christians affected by the August 4th explosion in Beirut to a total of 7.25 million dollars!
  • Immediately following the disaster, we provided an initial emergency aid package of 362,500 to 5,380 families.
  • Now our focus is on the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the various Christian communities and rites in Lebanon.

We still need your help!

According to ACN’s Project Partners in Lebanon—Father Abdo and Father Nassif—on the heels of a long economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic, Lebanon is ill-equipped to face the current disaster left in the wake of an explosion in Beirut, and meet the most urgent needs of her people.

Along with a tremendous loss of human life, the structural and material devastation is incalculable. The port closure due to the damages left by the explosion will inevitably lead to a forced hike in price of food and necessities which will aggravate the already difficult and dramatic circumstances for the Lebanese people and this already suffering country.

According to statistics—Lebanon has taken in 1.5 million refugees since war erupted in neighbouring Syria in 2011. Syrian refugees make up 30% of the country’s population, the highest per capita concentration of refugees in the world. The abundant number of Syrian refugees in the country will probably be the first to be affected by the economic impact of this catastrophe.


Many Christians quarters in Beirut, notably Gemmayzeh and Achrafieh, are destroyed. A dozen or so churches have sustained terrible damage, and many families have been left homeless. “In the name of the Church in Lebanon […] I am calling on all charitable organizations from different countries to help the Lebanese families to heal their wounds and rebuild their homes.”

Consequently, ACN has decided to allocate a sum of emergency assistance to the tune of $362,500 to come to the aid of hundreds of thousands of Christian families who have been brutally lost their homes and all means of subsistence. Through the help of the local Churches with whom the organization has close ties, food packages and medication will be distributed to those who are in need.