“Violence against Christian women is a weapon in the war against religious minorities.”

Co-author of ACN case study describes an increase in the number of attacks The pontifical international charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has published a documentary report to address the rise in violence against Christian women in many countries of the world. It bears the title “Hear her Cries: The kidnapping, forced conversion […]

Pakistan: Taliban Threat, Churches Increase Security

Churches across Pakistan have stepped up security in response to the threat of terrorist attacks following the Taliban’s return to power in neighbouring Afghanistan. At a meeting of Catholic and Protestant leaders, senior clergy agreed to tighten surveillance and beef up armed protection, especially at Sunday services. The move comes amid concerns that the Taliban’s […]

Pakistan—Maira’s Struggle for Justice Takes a Fresh Turn

The case of a Catholic girl from Madina Town, near Faisalabad has taken an unexpected turn after the defendant failed to appear in court. The 14-year-old Pakistani girl and her family continue her struggle to be free of the man who raped—and blackmailed her into marriage and religious conversion. A Rawalpindi court requested new evidence […]

Egypt – “My mother was killed by a terrorist while she was helping him”

Picture: Bullet hole in portrait of late Pope Kyrillos VI, in corridor of St. Mina Church in Cairo Egypt “My mother was killed by a terrorist while she was helping him” Testimony of the daughter of one of the victims of the attacks in Cairo last December.   Gunmen attacked worshippers leaving a Coptic Orthodox church […]

ACN Interview – “It is anything but easy to be a Christian in India today.”

“It is anything but easy to be a Christian in India today.” Dimensions of the community of faith: sources of friction and inspiration from India   Interview with Veronique Vogel, head of the Indian section of Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), on the situation of Christians in India. The interview was conducted by […]

Violence against Christians in the Philippines : Difficult dialogue

Philippines Is Mindanao Another Iraq?  “In some areas of Mindanao we are experiencing exactly the same thing as is happening in Iraq.” The words are those of Father Sebastiano D’Ambra an Italian missionary of the PIME congregation who has been working for almost 50 years now in the Philippines. He was speaking on the phone to […]