Project of the Week: A vehicle for a Parish in Pakistan

ACN provides a vehicle to enable pastoral work in the parish of Saint Peter in Multan Father Javed Khurshid, the parish priest, is still a young priest. Ordained 12 years ago and still serving today in the diocese of Multan located in the southern Punjab region of Pakistan. His parish, Saint Peter’s, lies on the […]

Project of the Week — A Vehicle for a Catholic Lay Community in Brazil

The community of Mar a Dentro in Brazil, needed a car to transport materials and for its many charitable projects and pastoral programs, both in the city and in other towns and villages that are accessible by road. The roads are poor and the journeys are often long. See how ACN Benefactors have helped them!

ACN Project of the Week – Transportation aid in Belarus

Belarus A car for the Dominican Sisters in Baranovichi   Back in 1992, almost immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union, three Dominican Sisters from Poland came to Belarus and began their apostolate in the town of Baranovichi. Evidently, their example was a powerful and attractive one, for the order grew and today has […]

ACN Success Story – Belarus

ACN Success story – in Belarus Getting around – an essential for a priest!   This week, our story unfolds in Belarus.  First of all, we learn in this country of close to 10 million people, the percentage of Catholics is a little less than 8%, whereas the Orthodox are close to 50%. Given the […]

ACN Project of the Week – Transportation project in Algeria

Algeria A vehicle for pastoral work in the birthplace of Saint Augustine   In the birthplace of Saint Augustine, there are only around 5,000 Catholics living today. Algeria, located in the northwest Africa, is the largest country in Africa, with an area of almost 930,000 square miles (2.38 million km²) – approximately one quarter the […]