South Africa: A Fragile Anchor for Refugees

Aid to the Church in Need provides a future and hope to refugees through pastoral care for children; a means to rise out of poverty and violence Life as a refugee is not easy. Leaving everything behind and beginning a new life in a different country with different laws, education, languages and cultural expectations requires […]

A tribute to Nelson Mandela from the Director of Aid to the Church in Need Canada

Thank you Madiba – Nelson Mandela I will allow myself to be on a first name basis with you, you, Madiba (Daddy).  We have never spoken to one another, nor have we ever met, but without even knowing, you, cradled my adolescence.  It was at that time that I got to know you. Yes, at […]

Nigeria “The twin monsters of corruption and insecurity”

By ACN International Adapted by Amanda Bridget Griffin, ACN Canada Montreal, May 7, 2013 – “Growing corruption and religious violence jeopardise the West African country of Nigeria.” This stark warning by Cardinal John Onaiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja, was given during his recent presentation to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament in Brussels. Cardinal […]