ACN Feature Story: Pakistan, an overview of persecution and the blasphemy laws

Pakistan, an overview of persecution and the blasphemy laws Pakistan. A country where the Christian minority experiences terrible persecution and discrimination, simply because of their faith. One tool of discrimination used against Christians or other minorities is the “Blasphemy Law”.  In 1986, the so-called blasphemy law was enacted in Pakistan. In principle, the law protects […]

Special feature – Pakistan: A man with a dream, remembered

Special feature: Pakistan Shahbaz Bhatti: ‘He felt what the people felt.’ Five years have passed since Shahbaz Bhatti, Pakistan’s Minister for Minorities Affairs, and the first Christian to hold such high office in the Federal Government of this Islamic country, was murdered. Up to now it is not clear who stood behind his assassination, though […]

Journey with ACN – Pakistan

« If in the struggle to defend the rights of minorities and justice for oppressed people –if Jesus Christ wishes me to shed my blood, I will do it!  I am ready to go until the last drop to fight injustice. And I’m not frightened.”   Shahbaz Bhatti was the former Minister for Religious Minorities in […]

Pakistan – A chapel for a new Christian village for liberated slaves

  The following series of texts has an objective to introduce you to the many kinds of assistance needed by various organizations, parishes or Catholic communities throughout the world.  We invite you to travel with us to all the continents that you may see how very important your support is to them.   Enjoy the […]