DR Congo: “The deafening silence of the international community angers us.”

The attack on the Church occurred during the celebration of many baptisms. Days after a terrorist attack on a Protestant church in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Marcelo Oliveira, a Comboni missionary in the African country, denounces the silence of the international community before these terrible acts of violence and highlights […]

Homilies of Red Wednesday 2022

To mark International Human Rights Day, which takes place every December 10, we are sharing with you the homilies of Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto (English), and Auxiliary Bishop Alain Faubert of Montreal (French). They were preached on November 16 during the Vigil and Mass celebrated respectively in Toronto and Montreal on Red Wednesday. […]

“The government has failed us in Nigeria,” and the West is complicit

Archbishop Matthew Man-Oso Ndagoso, of the Diocese of Kaduna, laments that there is no religious freedom in the north of the country but dismisses the idea that the conflict between Fulani herdsmen and farmers is a religious issue. The image that Archbishop Matthew Man-Oso Ndagoso paints of Nigeria at the moment is bleak. “For the […]

ACN Feature Report: Christians as victims of global developments

WORLD 2019 – One of the bloodiest years for Christians thus far  The papal charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has voiced concern in the face of increasing attacks on Christians all over the world. “As the brutal bombings perpetrated against churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday show, 2019 is […]

ACN Feature Story: Pakistan, an overview of persecution and the blasphemy laws

Pakistan, an overview of persecution and the blasphemy laws Pakistan. A country where the Christian minority experiences terrible persecution and discrimination, simply because of their faith. One tool of discrimination used against Christians or other minorities is the “Blasphemy Law”.  In 1986, the so-called blasphemy law was enacted in Pakistan. In principle, the law protects […]

ACN PROJECT OF THE WEEK IN INDIA : Rebuilding their church

ACN Success Story  An immense and fascinating country, the Indian sub-continent is home to over 16 million Catholics.  The great majority is poor and does not have the funds to support the development of their parishes.  Aid to the Church in Need is there to respond to the needs of bishops, community superiors and others […]

ACN Feature – Nigeria and terror groups

Nigeria Fulani terror group commits Boko Haram-style massacres Last December, Aid to the Church in Need spoke with Msgr Joseph D. Bagobiri of Nigeria.  Here is what he revealed to our Italian colleagues.     Between 2006 and 2014 more than 12,000 Christians have been murdered and 2,000 churches destroyed by Islamist terror groups in […]