Mozambique: ACN announces $145,000 in emergency aid to alleviate the emergency in the country

New massacres by jihadists, with the number of refugees climbing daily. Cabo Delgado, the northernmost province of Mozambique, has been a theatre of violence and a living hell for its people since October 2017. In a series of over 600 brutal attacks across nine separate districts of this northern region by armed insurgents who claim […]

Pakistan—A new case of abduction and forced conversion of a young Christian girl

Arzoo Raja, a 13-year-old Catholic girl from Karachi, Pakistan, was abducted on October 13, forced to abandon her faith and marry her 44-year-old Muslim abductor, Ali Azhar, who also resides in Karachi. Last Saturday, October 24, a large group of Christians and civil society activists, led by two members of parliament, gathered in front of […]

Beirut, We Will Not Abandon You!

Aid to the Church in Need is preparing a second wave of help for Beirut amid growing fears that last month’s explosion could spark an exodus of Christians from Lebanon. Amid reports that more than 100 churches, convents, Church-run schools and other institutes are in need of repairs following the blast on August 4, a […]

ACN Interview: COVID-19 With creativity and trust in God against the crisis

ACN Interview:  COVID-19 With creativity and trust in God against the crisis By Tobias Lehner, ACN International Adapted by Amanda Bridget Griffin, ACN Canada Published on the web May 25, 2020 ACN supports Church work during the Coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 is not only a medical, social and economic problem, but also a pastoral one. Since […]

Project of the Week in DR Congo

 There is one elderly French Sister – the last one, the rest are Congolese. While asked by ACN delegation what was their charisma,she replied “we search for God in simplicity and love in every time.” Democratic Republic of Congo Thanks to you, they are living by the work of their hands! In the middle of […]

“We see a drive for the renewal of the faith in all corners of the earth”

Interview with Regina Lynch, Project Director ACN   This year we are celebrating the Year of Faith. Why do you feel important to have this kind of celebration? Many of us, who are Catholics, often take our faith for granted, or run it on “low maintenance”,  for example by limiting its practice to Sunday Mass […]