Cameroon: “What happened here is an abomination. They are trying the patience of God.”

The bishop of Mamfe asks for prayers for the release of nine kidnapped religious and laypeople. The whereabouts of the nine people who were kidnapped on the afternoon of Friday, September 16, in Nchang, in the Diocese of Mamfe, located in Southwestern Cameroon, remains unknown. Five priests, one nun and three lay people were taken […]

ACN Information Covid-19: a Missed Opportunity for Peace

Over two months ago, the UN issued an appeal for a worldwide ceasefire in the hope that people would instead concentrate on the battle against Covid-19. Six days later, the Pope also echoed this appeal. Now ACN has contacted Church leaders on the ground in the various conflict regions in order to find out what […]


PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release Aid to the Church in Need – 2019 Report Praying, informing and giving, more essential than ever before! by ACN  International Adapted by ACN Canada Published online June 17, 2020 Königstein-im-Taunus-Montreal, Wednesday June 17, 2020 – Close to 160 million dollars raised by Aid to the Church in Need […]

ACN Interview: COVID-19 With creativity and trust in God against the crisis

ACN Interview:  COVID-19 With creativity and trust in God against the crisis By Tobias Lehner, ACN International Adapted by Amanda Bridget Griffin, ACN Canada Published on the web May 25, 2020 ACN supports Church work during the Coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 is not only a medical, social and economic problem, but also a pastoral one. Since […]

ACN Press – For Immediate Release – 7.5 million for COVID-19

  ACN International response COVID-19 Aid group commits 7.5 Million to support priests and religious serving communities most vulnerable to COVID-19 To help mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), the international pontifical charity serving the persecuted and suffering Church around the world, is providing 7.5 million in […]

ACN Project of the Week – Helping those in need in Lebanon

ACN Project of the Week – Lebanon    Helping the poor seeking refuge in Zahleh By ACN International Projects Department, adapted by ACN Canada Published on the web March 4th, 2020   St John the Merciful was a 6th-7th century saint, noted for his generosity to the poor and suffering. Wherever he saw a need, […]

Project of the Week: Support for the youth apostolate in Pakistan

Project of the Week:  Pakistan A spiritual breath for a youth apostolate in Faisalabad Published on line February 27, 2020 Roughly half of the 207 million people who make up the population of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are under the age of  25, and one third of these are actually aged 14 or younger. […]

ACN Interview in Mozambique Cabo Delgado Province with Bishop of Pemba

 Mozambique Cabo Delgado Province – continuing attacks “a tragedy” says Bishop of Pemba By Paulo Aido & Maria Lozano, ACN International Adapted by ACN Canada Published on the web February 20, 2020 The continuing attacks in northern Mozambique have already claimed over 500 lives and left thousands displaced, according to Bishop Luiz Fernando Lisboa of […]

Project of the Week – Support for pastoral outreach in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Support for ongoing pastoral outreach to the Borana people By ACN Projects Department and ACN Canada Published on the web February 19, 2020   Holy Cross Parish is based in the village of Dhadim, in a remote and underdeveloped region of southern Ethiopia. Its people are members of the Borana tribe who were until […]

ACN Project of the Week – Success Story in Mexico

Success Story in Mexico Help to rebuild part of a convent in Puebla   The Order of the Most Holy Saviour was founded in Sweden in the 14th century by Saint Bridget of Sweden; it is also known as the Order of Saint Bridget, or the Bridgettine Order. These nuns live a life of strict […]