December 19th – THIRD DAY: NOVENA for Central Africa

For the women and children, for the widows and the orphans, for the helpless and the sick. “O stock of Jesse, you stand as a signal for the nations; kings fall silent before you whom the peoples acclaim. O come to deliver us, and do not delay.” COME QUICKLY, LORD. COME,O SAVIOUR! GRANT US PEACE […]

December 18th – SECOND DAY: NOVENA for Central Africa

 For the Pastors and the faithful; For the living stones of the church. “O Adonai and leader of Israel, you appeared to Moses in a burning bush and you gave him the Law on Sinai. O come and save us with your mighty power” COME QUICKLY, LORD. COME, O SAVIOUR! GRANT US PEACE “Sunday Masses […]