Project of the Week: Urgent Need in Mozambique

Bela Vista neglected parish presbytery is in urgent need of repairs Today, almost 30 years after the country was devastated by a savage civil war, lasting from 1977 to 1992, large areas of Mozambique have still not recovered from the bloody conflict. Not only did the country suffer widespread material devastation, but also profound spiritual […]

June 20th was World Refugee Day: Africa Faces Threat of Famine Due to Persecution

Millions in West Africa are in need ACN has estimated over 15 million people are currently internally displaced in the 12 countries identified by ACN’s Religious Freedom in the World Report 2021. and suffering severe to extreme religious persecution in Africa. Large agricultural areas are emptied as people run for their lives from profit driven […]

Mozambique: Msgr. Lisboa, “An experience of the cross”

Bishop Luiz Lisboa looks back on his time in the diocese of Pemba The last few years spent in the diocese of Pemba, in northern Mozambique—years marked by war and bloodshed and by constant terrorist attacks in the province of Cabo Delgado—will never be forgotten by Bishop Luiz Fernando Lisboa. In an interview with the […]

Mozambique: “War has only losers, but those who suffer most are the poorest.”

“We are living here in a time of war that has already lasted three years. It began with an attack on the police station, then on the distant villages, passing through the larger villages until it reached the centre of the cities. Four cities have already been almost completely emptied. By now, this war has […]

Mozambique: ACN announces $145,000 in emergency aid to alleviate the emergency in the country

New massacres by jihadists, with the number of refugees climbing daily. Cabo Delgado, the northernmost province of Mozambique, has been a theatre of violence and a living hell for its people since October 2017. In a series of over 600 brutal attacks across nine separate districts of this northern region by armed insurgents who claim […]

ACN News – Mozambique: Carmelite Sisters testify to the “barbarity” of jihadists

 Mozambique Carmelite Sisters testify to the “barbarity” of jihadists Three days of attacks in the village of Macomia by Paulo Aido & Christophe Lafontaine Adapted by Amanda Bridget Griffin Published on the web, June 22, 2020   At the end of May, terrorist groups launched a merciless attack on the town of Macomia, in the […]

ACN Interview in Mozambique Cabo Delgado Province with Bishop of Pemba

 Mozambique Cabo Delgado Province – continuing attacks “a tragedy” says Bishop of Pemba By Paulo Aido & Maria Lozano, ACN International Adapted by ACN Canada Published on the web February 20, 2020 The continuing attacks in northern Mozambique have already claimed over 500 lives and left thousands displaced, according to Bishop Luiz Fernando Lisboa of […]

Aid to the Church in Need sending emergency aid to Mozambique

Mozambique Aid to the Church in Need sending aid to Mozambique – “No one heard victims crying for help as they were carried away by floods’ says priest.”   A priest in Mozambique has given a graphic account of the devastating impact of the cyclone amid reports that up to 1,000 people have been killed. The […]