ACN Success Story: repairs to a riverboat for pastoral work in the Amazon region

Brazil The Diocese of Humaitá, in the Amazon region of Brazil, has its own riverboat for pastoral work in the many riverside communities, which in most cases are accessible only via the waterways. Such journeys are difficult and dangerous, and the missionaries must deal with rapids, large floating tree trunks, poisonous snakes, and clouds of […]

ACN Project – Ukraine

A vehicle to meet the urgent needs The Pallottine Fathers have been working in Bilohir’ya in West Ukraine since 1993. They run two parishes, one in Bilohir’ya and one in Yampil’, around 20 kilometres away. The parish in Bilohir’ya has around 100 members and Holy Mass is celebrated there every day, while in Yampil’, it […]

Benin – 15 mopeds for catechists in the Diocese of Kandi

All over Africa, catechists play a vital role. In rural regions especially, the parishes often cover vast areas, dotted with numerous small villages. The priest simply cannot be everywhere at once, and as a result, many of the villages have their own village catechist, who supports and accompanies the people in preparing for reception of […]

ACN Success Story – Brazil

A Motorboat for Pastoral Outreach in the Amazon Region Father Washington Dioleno Araújo Taveres is a happy man. Thanks to your generous help, he now has the mode of transportation he so urgently needed for his ministry. His parish of Saint John the Baptist, headquartered in Curralinho, Brazil, is located in the Amazon Delta. The […]

ACN Project of the Week—Tanzania

Success Story: A much-needed vehicle for the diocese of Ifakara The diocese of Ifakara is still very young, having been established only recently in 2012. The Episcopal See is situated in the town of the same name, which lies roughly 400 km southwest of the capital Dar es Salaam. The diocese covers an area of 15,000 km² […]

ACN Success Story – A transportation project in Sierra Leone

Success Story in Sierra Leone   A motorcycle to mobilize a priest!   In recent years, the West African country of Sierra Leone, has seen very few peace times.  A brutal civil war from 1991 to 2002 lay claim to thousands of human lives and left behind widespread devastation, the traces can still be seen […]

ACN Project of the Week – India

India Success Story: A car to reach marginalized tribal peoples For many years now, Sister Christine of the Merciful Sisters of the Cross has been serving the poor and oppressed in the East Indian province where her congregation is also located.  Members of the indigenous tribal peoples are the main group of people she tends […]