ACN Feature Story:Al Qaryatayn, Syria

Help for the construction of the convent Deir Mar Elian ( near Qaryatayn) Syria “The people are afraid that IS will return” Though IS has been ousted from Al Qaryatayn, it is unlikely Christians will return quickly After jihadist terror militia “Islamic State” (IS) was ousted from the Syrian city of Al Qaryatayn, a member […]

ACN PRESS – Syria – “Please pray for the kidnapped and the kidnappers”

 Syria “Please pray for the kidnapped and the kidnappers”  Great concern arising in Syria following the kidnappings of dozens of Christians by the terror group “Islamic State”  Homs/Montreal – Monday August 10, 2015 – “We do not know what ‘Islamic State’ intends to do with the hostages,” Father Jihad Youssef, a member of a Syrian-Catholic […]