Democratic Republic of the Congo—Islamists are redrawing the East of the country

The national Congolese Bishops’ Conference calculates that there have been over 6,000 people killed in Beni since 2013 and over 2,000 in Bunia in the year 2020 alone. There are also an estimated, at least, 3 million internal refugees and around 7,500 people who have been kidnapped. There is a grand scheme to Islamize or expel the local populations

ACN Feature: Malawi – Catholic Church observes growing Islamization with concern

Malawi Catholic Church observes growing Islamization with concern  Bishop Monfort Stima spoke about the growing trend toward Islamization in the Mangochi diocese of southern Malawi while visiting the pontifical foundation Aid to the Church in Need (ACN). He did say, however, that traditional Islam is rather moderate in Malawi and has always coexisted peacefully. Furthermore, […]

An ACN exclusive interview with an Iraqi priest

The following interview was conducted by Robert Lalonde, head of information for ACN Canada, on Monday, September 1st, 2014, with Father Majid McDassy o.p., Dominican fathers convent in Baghdad ____________________________________  Have any northern Iraqis moved towards Baghdad?  Yes. In fact, families are beginning to move and to come to Baghdad in order to seek refuge. […]