ACN News, Cameroon: Boko Haram – “ the beast of the Apocalypse”

Cameroon Boko Haram – “ the beast of the Apocalypse” The toll of daily attacks on Cameroon’s villages bordering on Nigeria By Maria Lozano, ACN International Adapted for ACN Canada by Mario Bard and Amanda Griffin Published on the web January 27, 2020   “Boko Haram is like the beast of the Apocalypse, or a […]


 Aid to the Church in Need organizes a prayer campaign for Nigeria Montreal, Friday February 6, 2015 – On 14 February 2015 Nigeria will be voting for a new president and a new parliament. The April 2011 elections in Nigeria “were heralded as among the fairest in Nigeria’s history, but they were also among the […]