Ukraine – A Catholic leader calls for the end of “idolatry of violence.”

Despite difficulties and hardship, the Church promises not to abandon its faithful, whatever might happen, just as it stayed with them in Crimea and in Eastern Ukraine.  The leader of the largest Greek Catholic Church in the world called for an end to what he terms the “idolatry of violence,” last Friday, during a press […]

Serbia: The impoverishment of Serbia

Serbia The impoverishment of Serbia  Königstein/Montreal – March 24, 2015. “Serbia has visibly become poor. For this reason, many have also given up hope. The 40 to 50-year-olds are now leaving, people in their prime.”   The Catholic bishop of Zrenjanin, Ladislav Nemet, used these words to describe the current situation in Serbia during a […]

Ukraine “Today we are seen as an Indigenous Church”

In the days to come, we will present you with a series of 3 articles about the Church in Eastern Europe:  Ukraine, Moldavia and Belarus. ___________________________________________ Reinhard Backes, ACN International Adapted by ACN Canada In Ukraine the Catholic Church enjoys a very positive reception. This is true for both the members of the Roman Catholic […]