Lebanon – Help for the formation of 11 Melkite Greek Catholic seminarians in Harissa

For the past three years, Lebanon has been going through an unparalleled economic collapse that has not only plunged a large part of the population into poverty but has also presented an enormous challenge for priestly formation. Above all, the soaring energy and food prices are making it difficult for the seminaries to cover the […]

Uganda – Success Story: Ongoing formation for the members of a local religious congregation

The congregation of the Brothers of St. Martin de Porres was originally established in 1953 in what is now South Sudan. Here in Uganda, the members of this male religious congregation work in the parishes, teach in the schools, and help the poor and needy through a variety of charitable activities. As a home-grown African […]

ACN’s Project of the Week – Support for the Catholic the families in Togo

The Fédération Africaine d’Action Familiale (FAAF, or African Family Life Federation) is an initiative for the support of healthy families and the protection of life. It involves doctors of various disciplines, theologians, priests, religious and lay pastoral workers. Its aim is to support families and help them to tackle their problems, offering Africa-friendly, family-friendly and […]

ACN-Projects of the week – India – Help for the formation of 15 novices Sisters

India Help for the formation of 15 novices of the Holy Spirit Sisters   The Holy Spirit Sisters are a congregation founded in 1950 in Germany. They work above all in pastoral care and their role is to support the priests in their work. Right from the start it was the desire of their founder […]

ACN Project of the Week – Kazakhstan – Books for the Seminarists

Kazakhstan Books for the seminary in Karaganda   Kazakhstan is a vast country, covering an area of well over 1 million square miles (2.7 million km²), or the equivalent of more than a quarter of the size of the entire United States! Yet it has a population of just 18 million. A former Soviet republic, […]

ACN Project of the Week: Formation for young sisters in Brazil

Brazil Help for the formation of 50 young religious Sisters   It was only 30 years ago that the religious Institute the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matarà was founded in Argentina. Yet since then it has spread throughout the world, with 160 convents in 35 different countries on all five continents […]

ACN’s Project of the Week ! – Sierra Leone: teaching materials

Sierra Leone Teaching materials for the minor seminary in the diocese of Makeni   Sierra Leone is still struggling to emerge from its state of near-permanent crisis. The consequences of the terrible civil war, from 1991 to 2002, are still all too painfully evident to this day. During this civil war, approximately half the population […]

Project of the Week – Formation of Seminarians in Brazil

Brazil Formation for 28 seminarians in the diocese of Marília Brazil still holds onto its place as the most populous Catholic nation on earth. Yet, the percentage of Catholics in the country continues to fall. Today, only around 72% of over 190 million Brazilians still declare themselves as Catholic, though the exact figures quoted are […]

Project of the Week – for Sisters in Guatemala

Guatemala A  house for the relious formation of Sisters  The Congregation of the Sisters of Martha and Mary was founded in 1979 in the diocese of Jalapa. In this very poor region of Guatemala, there is also a great shortage of priests, and the congregation was established partly  to counter the proliferation of religious sects. […]

Our Project of the Week in Brazil

Brazil New books for a seminary in Diamantina It was not by chance that the city of Diamantina got its name – for in the 17th century this was the first place where diamonds were found outside of Asia. But, as happens everywhere in the world, those who got rich were only a few lucky […]