Project of the Week: New Catholic Life in Ethiopia

Support for the distribution of Bibles and a Blooming Catechetical Apostolate The priestly Order of the Imitation of Christ was established in 1919 in Kerala in India. It has also been present in the Horn of Africa since 2009. In fact the order now has three monasteries in Ethiopia, in the diocese of Endibir and […]

Ethiopia: A Missionary Pleads for Peace as “New Beginnings” Fail to Materialize

A Catholic missionary sends out a plea for peace from war-torn Ethiopia The missionary, who cannot be named for security reasons, spoke to pontifical charity Aid to the Church in Need – International (ACN), about the situation in northern Ethiopia, where the conflict between government forces and those loyal to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front […]

Project of the Week—Hospital beds and wheelchairs for Sisters in Ethiopia

A Success Story: two hospital-type beds and two wheelchairs for elderly Franciscan Sisters The Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady have been working in Ethiopia since 1910. Today they are 76 working in various parts of the country, with roles in healthcare, education and catechesis. Twelve of these religious are now living in the recently […]

Ethiopia: “God is from every culture, from every clan.”

CRTN Presents: “Ethiopia – From every clan.” A documentary film supported by Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) about a missionary living with the Dassanech people on Ethiopia’s Omo River, who works to overcome generations of inter-tribal violence through evangelization and reconciliation, was selected and nominated in the best documentary category for the 23rd […]

Project of the Week in Ethiopia – Helping a youth and family apostolate in the Horn of Africa

Ethiopia   Helping a youth and family apostolate in the Horn of Africa by ACN Projects Department International Adapted by Amanda Griffin, ACN Canada Published online June 3, 2020 Sitting in the east of the continent, on the Horn of Africa, is Ethiopia—a country filled with contradictions. On the one hand, the country is showing […]

Project of the Week – Support for pastoral outreach in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Support for ongoing pastoral outreach to the Borana people By ACN Projects Department and ACN Canada Published on the web February 19, 2020   Holy Cross Parish is based in the village of Dhadim, in a remote and underdeveloped region of southern Ethiopia. Its people are members of the Borana tribe who were until […]

Project of the Week: Marian devotion in Ethiopia

Project of the Week in Ethiopia Printing a book on the devotion to Mary Ethiopia is an ancient Christian country. “See, here is water! What prevents me from being baptized?”   This is what the Ethiopian man said to Philip in the Acts of the Apostles (8:36). This spontaneous decision, just a few years after […]

ACN Project of the Week – Ethiopia

  Ethiopia Bicycles for 30 catechists in Gambella   The apostolic vicariate of Gambella lies in the extreme west of Ethiopia, on the frontier with South Sudan. It is a remote and underdeveloped region where there is widespread poverty.   Therefore, there are recurrent and intermittent inter-tribal conflicts mainly between the more settled, farming tribes […]

Feature Story: Ethiopia – Why were we attacked?

Ethiopia Attacks on Church’s installations Königstein/Montreal, March 4, 2016 – Almost two weeks after the events (February 18), a Bishop in Ethiopia has expressed his horror after the torching and looting of a Church compound by the very people being helped by priests and Sisters. What caused this rage at the Church facilities? Is the current […]


Ethiopia God Speaks to His Children – now more than ever! Ethiopia is a country which embodies a tremendous ethnic and linguistic diversity. There are over 80 different ethnic groups in the country, speaking as many languages and belonging to a great variety of religious faiths. There are approximately 700,000 Catholics in this country of Ethiopia which account for barely 1% […]