Satellite TV, not social media, was the driving force behind the Arab Spring

Interview with Kurt Johansen, Executive Director of SAT-7, Christian satellite TV for the Middle East Maria Lozano, ACN International Adapted by Robert Lalonde, ACN Canada How long have you been involved with SAT-7? SAT-7 is 17 years old now; we are still a teenager. We grew out of this awareness that this was the first […]

Journey with ACN

Egypt Financing the children’s education AED International Adapted by AB Griffin, ACN Canada   ACN promises $42 000 for the victims and their families What is a small trader to do when all his possessions, his shop, his means of existence go up in flames? How is the father of a family to cope, knowing […]

Statement of the Catholic Church in Egypt

  Cairo, 18 August 2013  Statement of the Catholic Church in Egypt             With pain, but also with hope, the Catholic Church in Egypt is following what our country is experiencing: terrorist attacks, killings and the burning of churches, schools and state institutions. Therefore, out of love for our country and in solidarity with all […]

Egypt – Despite unrest after Mursi’s fall Egyptian religious representatives are hopeful

Azhar University in Cairo: “We don’t want an Islamic state”– Coptic-Catholic Patriarch demands right to speed up church construction – Coptic-Orthodox Bishop: “Democracy is more than the rule of the majority” by Oliver Maksan, ACN International Adapted by AB Griffin Religious representatives from Egypt speaking to the international Catholic pastoral charity Aid to the Church […]

Egypt – “A Church is growing as its faith deepens”

By Oliver Maksan, ACN International Adapted by AB Griffin The tension after the fall of the Muslim Brother Muhammad Mursi can be felt all over Egypt. Life in Cairo is carrying on, the cafés and teahouses of this huge megacity are full. But the people are more attentive than otherwise and more nervous. The taxi-drivers […]


“The army carried out the will of the people.” By Oliver Maksan, ACN International Adapted by AB Griffin, ACN Canada   Montreal, Thursday July 11, 2013 – Father Rafik Greiche, head of the press office of the Egyptian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, emphasized that the military’s ousting of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi was not a coup […]

Murder by the Cathedral

Bishop prays for “no more bloodshed” as mass protests start By John Newton The UK director of Aid to the Church in Need has given a first-hand account of last weekend’s mass protest in Egypt – in which at least three people died in a drive-by shooting near Assiut’s Coptic Catholic Cathedral. Passing on appeals […]

Egypt – “An ecumenical watershed”

Interview with Bishop Anba Kyrillos William Samaan, Coptic-Catholic Bishop of Assiut Your Excellency, recently Pope Francis and the Coptic-Orthodox Pope Tawadros II met in Rome. Did this represent an ecumenical watershed between the two Churches?  Bishop Kyrillos: “Yes, you can really call it that. Pope Tawadros has shown from the very beginning that he wishes […]