Success Story in Egypt

Supporting Families During the Coronavirus Crisis The centre for diaconic services was established in 2010 by the patriarchate of the Coptic Catholic Church. It offers a range of social and pastoral activities and initiatives, addressed above all towards women, families and young people. In addition to this there are various aid programs for those in […]

Journey with ACN

Egypt Financing the children’s education AED International Adapted by AB Griffin, ACN Canada   ACN promises $42 000 for the victims and their families What is a small trader to do when all his possessions, his shop, his means of existence go up in flames? How is the father of a family to cope, knowing […]

Egypt – Despite unrest after Mursi’s fall Egyptian religious representatives are hopeful

Azhar University in Cairo: “We don’t want an Islamic state”– Coptic-Catholic Patriarch demands right to speed up church construction – Coptic-Orthodox Bishop: “Democracy is more than the rule of the majority” by Oliver Maksan, ACN International Adapted by AB Griffin Religious representatives from Egypt speaking to the international Catholic pastoral charity Aid to the Church […]