Pakistan – COVID-19: ACN Benefactors Save Families from Starvation

Christians are viewed as second-class citizens in Pakistan. Insulted, discriminated against, oppressed, they are rarely given the opportunity to advance socially. Most Christians have to eke out a living in the most poorly paid jobs, often working as day labourers, in the brickworks, as road sweepers, garbage collectors, rickshaw drivers or domestic staff and generally […]

ACN NEWS – Pakistan: Christians denied COVID-19 aid

ACN News — COVID-19 Pakistan Christians in Pakistan are deprived of urgent aid By John Pontifex, ACN United Kingdom Adapted by Amanda Griffin, ACN Canada Published on line May 25, 2020   Pleas to government to provide domestic and sanitary workers with gloves and masks   NGOs and Muslim leaders in Pakistan stand accused of refusing to give […]

ACN-News – Pakistan – Archbishop appeals for prayers after attacks on Christians

Picture: In 2017, interreligious prayer in Lahore with the Mufti of Lahore and Archbishop Shaw.  Pakistan Archbishop appeals for prayers after attacks on Christians A leading Pakistani bishop has appealed for prayer after Christians in Quetta suffered their third attack in five months. Two Christian men – identified as Rashid Khalid and Azhar Iqbal – […]

Journey with ACN – Pakistan

« If in the struggle to defend the rights of minorities and justice for oppressed people –if Jesus Christ wishes me to shed my blood, I will do it!  I am ready to go until the last drop to fight injustice. And I’m not frightened.”   Shahbaz Bhatti was the former Minister for Religious Minorities in […]