Egypt: “I feel pity for the perpetrators”

A survivor looks back ten years after the attack on Coptic Christians Ten years ago on New Year’s Eve, the life of Coptic Orthodox Christian Kiro Khalil, then 20 years old, was “turned upside down,” as he describes it himself. The expression does little to convey just how horrific the experience was that the young […]

ACN Project of the Week – A library for a Catholic centre in Egypt

Egypt Equipping the library in the Diakonia Development Center  Sheraton-Heliopolis is the name of one of the newer suburbs of Cairo that did not even exist a few decades ago. Named after the original Sheraton hotel, close to the international airport, which was at first the only existing building there at the time, it is […]

PRESS RELEASE: Egypt – “It isn’t a religious conflict”

 Oliver Maksan, ACN International Adapted by AB Griffin, ACN Canada Montreal, October 28, 2013 – After an attack on Christians in Cairo Father Hani Bakhoum Kiroulos, secretary to the Coptic-Catholic Patriarch, rejected the view that Egypt was experiencing a religious conflict. “The idea that this involves a conflict between Muslims and Christians simply isn’t borne […]

Press Release : Egypt – “We never know where the extremists will strike next”

For Immediate Release  Oliver Maksan, ACN International Adapted by Amanda Griffin, ACN Canada Montreal, October 4th, 2013 – Despite a measure of improvement in the security situation for the Christians in Egypt, the media spokesman for the Catholic Church in the country, Father Rafik Greiche, continues to be concerned. Speaking to the international Catholic pastoral […]

Egypt – Two Years After the Arab Spring

Egypt is not only pyramids and sun soaked beaches; it is also a country where the economic and political interests of the world’s great powers intertwine.The Arab Spring popular uprising in Cairo’s Tahrir square in January of 2011, has resulted in the country stumbling toward an uncertain future, evermore polarised between Islamist and secular forces. […]

Egypt – “We ask God to protect the churches, the people and our country!”

In an urgent letter, the Coptic Catholic Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac Sedrak has called on Aid to the Church in need (ACN) for help for the faithful in his Patriarchate[1]. ACN has agreed to give aid to raise the level of protection for Christians. Protective walls around churches to increase security for Christians will be built. […]

Egypt – “A Church is growing as its faith deepens”

By Oliver Maksan, ACN International Adapted by AB Griffin The tension after the fall of the Muslim Brother Muhammad Mursi can be felt all over Egypt. Life in Cairo is carrying on, the cafés and teahouses of this huge megacity are full. But the people are more attentive than otherwise and more nervous. The taxi-drivers […]


“The army carried out the will of the people.” By Oliver Maksan, ACN International Adapted by AB Griffin, ACN Canada   Montreal, Thursday July 11, 2013 – Father Rafik Greiche, head of the press office of the Egyptian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, emphasized that the military’s ousting of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi was not a coup […]