Project of the Week—Training for Seminarians in Brazil

ACN promises help for the formation of sixteen seminarians in the diocese of Rio Branco, northwest Brazil. The pandemic has had a profound impact on people’s lives in Brazil, the Church is no exception. In the diocese of Rio Branco in the country’s northwest, they have worked hard to move ahead as much as possible […]

Lessons from COVID-19: Can you offer help from a distance?

How the pandemic influences the working practice of a Charity Many organizations around the world have suffered a significant impact from the COVID-19 pandemic on their daily activities and in their relationships with project partners. The Pontifical Charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), an international charity that supports more than 5,000 projects per […]

Project of the Week: Mass Offerings and Support sent to the Brazilian Amazon

Mass Offerings for priests and support for religious Sisters in the Amazonian diocese of Humaitá, Brazil  The diocese of Humaità is situated in northwest Brazil, in the state of Amazonas. It covers a vast area of over 136,000 km² (larger than Greece), but sparsely populated with only 135,000 inhabitants. Around 55,000 of these people are concentrated in the city of Humaità itself, while the rest […]

Where Hunger Weeps—COVID in the Brazilian Amazon Region

For over 30 years ACN has been supporting dozens of projects in this region, as Frei Paolo recalls. “You have already helped us for many projects, and both we and our people are infinitely grateful to you for this.” And he lists some of the specific ways in which we have helped: “You helped us to buy a boat, so we could minister to the riverside communities, and also a car, so we could tackle the highways to Roraima and Humaitá, and to this day we are still reaping the benefits of these gifts. Our presence here is bringing hope and the Word of Christ to the people.”

Project of the Week — A Vehicle for a Catholic Lay Community in Brazil

The community of Mar a Dentro in Brazil, needed a car to transport materials and for its many charitable projects and pastoral programs, both in the city and in other towns and villages that are accessible by road. The roads are poor and the journeys are often long. See how ACN Benefactors have helped them!

Project of the Week – Transportation for the future priests of Brazil

A vehicle for the vocations apostolate and the seminarians of the diocese of Teixeira de Freitas-Caravelas The diocese of Teixera de Freitas-Caravelas is situated in the impoverished northeast of Brazil in the federal state of Bahia, a state which also happens to have the highest percentage of people of ethnic African origin in the country. […]

ACN PROJECT OF THE WEEK – Help for the formation of seminarians of a new spiritual community in Brazil

Brazil Help for the formation of seminarians of a new spiritual community By ACN International Projects Department, Adapted by Amanda Bridget Griffin, ACN Canada Published on the web April 15, 2020   The Opus Mariae community (known in Brazil as Eis aí tua mãe – Obra de Maria) was founded in Brazil in 1990 and […]

ACN Project of the Week – Supporting training in the Amazon region of Brazil

Brazil Training of 27 seminarians in the Amazon region  Posted to the web February 6, 2020   Currently there are 27 young men from the diocese of Rio Branco in western Brazil training to serve God and their fellow men in the Catholic priesthood. The life that awaits them as priests will be a far […]

ACN Feature Story: The Bethlehem Mission, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil The Bethlehem Mission: Being family for those who have none. by Rodrigo Arantes, ACN Brazil Adapted by Amanda Bridget Griffin, ACN Canada Published on the web December 17, 2019   In the city of São Paulo there are over 25,000 homeless people. To borrow from a phrase used by the missionaries at the Bethlehem […]