Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) to Support Reconstruction of Beirut with Over Seven Million Dollars

The charity announces new aid initiatives, ten weeks on from the catastrophic explosion in the city. The international charity Aid to the Church in Need is increasing its planned aid program for the Christians affected by the massive explosion in Beirut on August 4 this year – to a total of 7.25 million dollars. The […]

Lebanon: Counting on help – both spiritual and financial.

An interview with Reinhard Backes, head of projects for the pontifical charity Aid to the Church in Need, after his visit Lebanon from 7 to 16 September. What is the situation in Lebanon?   The Lebanese people, and especially the Christians because their quarters were most badly hit by the blast, are suffering a lot. […]

Lebanon: A Ray of Hope in Beirut!

The anticipation that bare kitchen cupboards would soon be filled stirred a flurry of enthusiasm at the Socio-Medical Intercommunity Dispensary in the poor Beirut neighbourhood of Nabaa. There, beneficiaries of the center gathered to receive food packages, thanks to the support of the international pontifical charity Aid to the Church in Need.  Even before Lebanon’s […]

Lebanon in Crisis: “We Need A Miracle”

Quietly and politely they form a line in the hot sun outside the Socio-Medical Intercommunity Dispensary in the poor Beirut neighborhood of Nabaa.  Some are elderly and live alone.  Others have families to feed.  All have put aside any embarrassment in accepting a handout, in order to eat. The dispensary has been run by the […]

Beirut, We Will Not Abandon You!

Aid to the Church in Need is preparing a second wave of help for Beirut amid growing fears that last month’s explosion could spark an exodus of Christians from Lebanon. Amid reports that more than 100 churches, convents, Church-run schools and other institutes are in need of repairs following the blast on August 4, a […]

Lebanon: How ACN is Striving to Bring Hope

Christians in Lebanon are facing a situation of profound crisis, and in response to this the international Catholic pastoral pontifical charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has approved three emergency aid projects for the most vulnerable families and for the refugees in the regions of Zahleh and the Bekaa Valley. Over the course […]

Beirut: Christians Defy Land-Grabbers

Christians in Beirut have responded with defiance amid reports that groups seeking to profit from last week’s explosion are trying to persuade them to sell up and leave. An estimated 300,000 families were displaced by the August 4th explosion and Monsignor Toufic Bou-Hadir described how people – including the elderly – are choosing to keep […]

“Christians in Lebanon can count on help from ACN”

Beirut, Lebanon The charity is funding food parcels for survivors of the explosion in Beirut The international Catholic pastoral and pontifical charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN International) has been working for decades with numerous different project partners within Lebanon – above all in the areas of pastoral care and help for refugees. […]

Beirut: Young Ministers of Mercy

Photo: Lebanon, the Roueissat Jdeideh, St. Anthony dispensary run by Sr. Hanan Youssef (Good Shepherds Sisters) meeting the refugees from Iraq and Syria: Robert Lalonde Journalist of ACN Canada) with Sister  Hanan – Help to the dispensary Saint Antoine,  2014 Food, clothes and medicine in urgent demand in Beirut Thousands of young Christian volunteers are […]

Beirut: Charity Offers Emergency Food Packages

LEBANON Witnesses compare explosion to an “atomic bomb.”  Konigstein/Montreal Wednesday, August 5, 2020—An emergency food package of $362,500 is to be rushed out to Beirut by a leading Catholic charity in the wake of the huge explosion yesterday (Tuesday, August 4). The Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) grant will go to support poor […]