Project of the Week – Brazil

Fuel for a pastoral boat in the Amazon Since 2006, three Capuchin priests have been working in the parish of Saint Francis of Assisi in Belém do Solimões in the Amazon region of Brazil. Their parish includes 72 riverside villages and settlements, ranging up to 400 km in distance from the parish centre and accessible […]

ACN Success Story – Brazil

A Motorboat for Pastoral Outreach in the Amazon Region Father Washington Dioleno Araújo Taveres is a happy man. Thanks to your generous help, he now has the mode of transportation he so urgently needed for his ministry. His parish of Saint John the Baptist, headquartered in Curralinho, Brazil, is located in the Amazon Delta. The […]

Project of the Week: Mass Offerings and Support sent to the Brazilian Amazon

Mass Offerings for priests and support for religious Sisters in the Amazonian diocese of Humaitá, Brazil  The diocese of Humaità is situated in northwest Brazil, in the state of Amazonas. It covers a vast area of over 136,000 km² (larger than Greece), but sparsely populated with only 135,000 inhabitants. Around 55,000 of these people are concentrated in the city of Humaità itself, while the rest […]

Success Story: Peru

Peru  Success Story: Training of catechists in the Rainforest Deep within the jungle of the Peruvian Amazon region lies the apostolic vicariate of Iquitos, a place only accessible by air or by boat. Though this may appeal to an adventurer on holidays, it represents a major challenge for the pastoral workers of the Catholic Church. […]

ACN Project of the Week – Success Story in Brazil

Success Story in Brazil A boat for pastoral work in the Amazon region   In the north of Brazil, a Catholic community with the name “Mar a Dentro” (Out Into The Deep) runs a pastoral centre in the city of Belem. Prayer meetings and Eucharistic adoration are held here and young people are prepared for confirmation […]