Project of The Week – Brazil

Help for the training of 15 seminarians Brazil has long been an overwhelmingly Catholic country, but this is changing.  Today, only around 64% of its 213 million people are still Catholics.  The difficult situation in the country, marked by corruption, unemployment, economic crisis, and environmental destruction, has allowed many to fall prey to the false […]

Project of the Week – Cameroon and Chad

Help for the training of 28 seminarians of the Missionaries of Saint Francis de Sales The congregation of the Missionaries of Saint Francis de Sales, also known as the Fransalians, was founded in 1838 in France. They are a congregation of missionary priests devoted to evangelization through preaching and pastoral care, and to the Catholic education […]

ACN’s Project of the Week: Formation of three priests in Lebanon

Lebanon Formation of three priests from the archdiocese of Baalbek   Not so long ago Lebanon was the only country in the Middle East with a Christian majority. In recent years this has changed, however, with increasing numbers of Christians leaving the country. Already during the terrible civil war in the country between 1975 and […]

ACN’s Project of the week – Argentina – Scholarship funding for 12 seminarians

Argentina Scholarship  funding for  12 seminarians Miles Christi – a religious community of priests, was founded in 1994 in Argentina. The “Soldiers of Christ’’ – the name in English – speaks something different from what the world has to offer. The vow of the members stipulates that they should reject a “vulgar, empty and useless life”. […]

A Seminarian’s Story – Meet Martin Baani

All projects underway adding up to a total amount of 5.77 million CAN – one of the largest efforts in ACN’s history – shows the scale of the drama experienced by our Iraqi brothers and sisters.  If our partners recognize us for our support, we still know that they are far from the end of […]