Project of the Week—Cuba

Help for the training of 17 future priests at the seminary of Santiago de Cuba When Pope Saint John Paul II visited Cuba in January 1998, he appealed to the young people, telling them, “Christ is walking through your life and saying to you ‘follow me’. Don’t close yourselves to his love. Don’t simply walk by […]

Project of the Week: Urgent Need in Mozambique

Bela Vista neglected parish presbytery is in urgent need of repairs Today, almost 30 years after the country was devastated by a savage civil war, lasting from 1977 to 1992, large areas of Mozambique have still not recovered from the bloody conflict. Not only did the country suffer widespread material devastation, but also profound spiritual […]

ACN Project of the Week: A New Village Chapel in Bangladesh

Success Story: Building a village chapel for the faithful of Noyanagar For many years now the Catholic faithful in the village of Noyanagar have been longing for a new chapel. The tiny mud chapel they built themselves almost 30 years ago has become far too small for their growing community. The walls have deep cracks […]

ACN Project of the Week: Transportation Help in Western Africa

Success Story: Providing a  car to enable pastoral work by the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Apostles The congregation of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Apostles (Soeurs de Notre Dame des Apôtres) was established in 1876 in Lyons,France. The religious offer their expertise and presence in many different fields including […]

Success Story in Egypt

Supporting Families During the Coronavirus Crisis The centre for diaconic services was established in 2010 by the patriarchate of the Coptic Catholic Church. It offers a range of social and pastoral activities and initiatives, addressed above all towards women, families and young people. In addition to this there are various aid programs for those in […]

ACN Success Story – A transportation project in Sierra Leone

Success Story in Sierra Leone   A motorcycle to mobilize a priest!   In recent years, the West African country of Sierra Leone, has seen very few peace times.  A brutal civil war from 1991 to 2002 lay claim to thousands of human lives and left behind widespread devastation, the traces can still be seen […]

ACN Project of the Week – Helping those in need in Lebanon

ACN Project of the Week – Lebanon    Helping the poor seeking refuge in Zahleh By ACN International Projects Department, adapted by ACN Canada Published on the web March 4th, 2020   St John the Merciful was a 6th-7th century saint, noted for his generosity to the poor and suffering. Wherever he saw a need, […]

 ACN Project of the Week – Bosnia-Herzegovina – Construction

 ACN Project of the Week – Bosnia-Herzegovina – Construction By ACN International Published on-line, June 5, 2019 Bosnia-Herzegovina The St John Paul II Youth Pastoral Center: a tremendous success! In 2015, the Pope John Paul II Youth Pastoral Centre was first established in Sarajevo, the capital of the state of Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is open to […]

ACN Project of the Week : Help to complete construction of a new church

Slovakia Success Story: Help to complete construction of a new church in Cizatrice The parish of Kecerovce lies within the archdiocese of Kosice in the eastern part of Slovakia, not far from the Hungarian border. It also serves seven outlying villages, each with its own church. Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, we have […]

ACN Project of the Week – Transportation project in Algeria

Algeria A vehicle for pastoral work in the birthplace of Saint Augustine   In the birthplace of Saint Augustine, there are only around 5,000 Catholics living today. Algeria, located in the northwest Africa, is the largest country in Africa, with an area of almost 930,000 square miles (2.38 million km²) – approximately one quarter the […]