ACN Feature Story – Senegal Memories and the vision of three bishops

ACN Feature Story – Senegal Memories and the vision of three bishops By Robert Lalonde for ACN Canada Translated by Traductions Julie Bourbeau, Adapted by Amanda Bridget Griffin Published on the web March 12, 2020   During a visit to Senegal, Robert Lalonde, a regular contributor to Aid to the Church in Need, spoke with […]

ACN Feature Story: Batnaya rises again in Iraq

  Iraq Batnaya rises again by Irmina Nockiewicz & Maria Lozano , ACN International Adapted by ACN Canada Published on the web February 25, 2020 Batnaya is a town in the north of Iraq, some 24 km from Mosul. Before ISIS arrived there were 950 families living here, all of them Chaldean Catholics. It was […]

Uganda: Birth of a new place of grace

Uganda: Birth of a new place of grace   “Don’t go there, they worship the devil there,” the people warned Bishop Francis Aquirinius Kibira when he was ordained as bishop. This region in southwestern Uganda, at the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was considered a dark and dangerous place. Violence and crime […]

Feature Story – Bosnia: The impact of the Sister’s love in an orphanage

Bosnia “We are here for the children that need us.” When Katarina leafs through the photo albums from the last two decades with Sisters Admirata and Manda, her joy is tinged by melancholy. The photographs keep memories of Katarina’s happy childhood days alive. However, the realization that the sheltered days of her youth will soon […]

ACN Feature – Iraq: ”I wonder when the birds will come back.”

Telskuf, Iraq ISIS left, there destruction remains   It is the silence that you notice first. Not just a lack of noise but an absence of sounds. Even the birds have left.   I am in Telskuf, Iraq, about 32 kilometers north of the Islamic State (ISIS) stronghold of Mosul and two kilometers from the […]