By ACN Portugal

Adapted by AB Griffin, ACN Canada


According to Reuters, the news spread that the priest Paolo Dall’Oglio, a Jesuit known for his opposition to the Assad regime, has been abducted by a radical group that calls itself  the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,” which is constituted by militants linked to al Qaeda in Iraq.


The priest, 58, was kidnapped while walking the city streets of Raqqa, a city under the control of rebel forces. The Jesuit, Paolo Dall’Oglio, who has always engaged in dialogue between Christians and Muslims, had been expelled from the country where he lived for nearly three decades, precisely because of his advocacy of dialogue between religions.


In the eighties, he was responsible for restoring the Syrian Catholic monastery of Mar Musa (Monastery of Saint Moses the Abyssinian), in the desert north of Damascus, and the benefactors of ACN supported the reconstruction of the Monastery of the Community of St. Simeon Stylites. Its then superior, Father François Maurad,  was assassinated in June, after an attack by an armed jihadist group known as al-Jabat nustra.

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