Russia – ACN’s Success Story

Psychological illnesses are on the increase all over the world and have today overtaken such diseases as cancer and cardiovascular illnesses in terms of sheer numbers. At 13% of the total, they now exceed all other medical conditions, and are frequently described as a “worldwide epidemic” today.

This development also represents a challenge for the pastoral care of the Church. Accordingly, in November 2018, in Moscow, Catholic and Orthodox experts and Church representatives met together to exchange ideas and experiences and identify and discover ways of better ministering pastorally to the psychologically sick and their families. The conference participants – all top-class specialists – included delegates from Russia, Germany, Greece, the United States, Spain and a number of Eastern European countries.

Among the questions discussed were such things as:

  • What particular religious kinds of out look can have a positive or negative influence on psychological sicknesses?
  • What role does the Sacraments of Confession, Holy Communion and Anointing of the Sick play in the care of those suffering psychological illnesses?
  • How can the pastoral care of those at risk of suicide best be shaped?
  • What kinds of psychotherapy can be identified as potentially incompatible with the Christian Faith?
  • How can a fruitful collaboration be established between doctors and priests?
  • How is one to distinguish between psychological sickness and phenomena related to spiritual oppression/possession?

Another important issue discussed was how to provide improved training for priests and seminarians in the sphere of pastoral psychiatry.

As with a number of other initiatives where Catholics and Orthodox are working together in Russia, this conference too was a fruit of the work of a Catholic–Orthodox working group, sponsored by Aid to the Church in Need (ACN). In the wake of the historic meeting between Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill in February 2016, our charity, was already involved in over a quarter of a century in Catholic-Orthodox dialogue in Russia. ACN has been seeking new and ever-deeper ways of ecumenical collaboration. The working party set up to this end has already organized a number of different gatherings on a variety of themes like one on the protection life and on the pastoral care for persons living with an addiction.

The long-term objective of all these initiatives is, for Catholic and Orthodox Christians, to work together and to seek solutions for some of the most pressing challenges of the present day. On the one hand, it is also about sharing their energies and experience to work more effectively and give practical help to those in need. On the other, it is to give powerful witness of brotherly friendship between our two sister Churches. ACN has been supported this conference in Moscow with a contribution of 21 000 dollars was actively involved in its realization.

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