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Solar panels to help love radiate!


The diocese of Badulla lies in one of the poorest and most neglected regions on the island of Sri Lanka. Therefore the Church here is also very poor and, 45 years since it was first established, the diocese remains almost entirely dependent on outside help to function.


Solar System for Devsarana Home for Elderly at Hali ElaCatholics represent only a tiny minority in this region. Most of its people live and work on the tea plantations and are desperately poor, leaving them quite unable to provide for the parishes or support their priests – to say nothing of the other Church structures within the diocese.



One such institution is a home for the elderly and needy who have no one else to look after them. The residents of this home are lovingly cared for by a congregation of religious Sisters. But they are too poor to contribute anything towards the cost of their own care. Consequently, the diocese  has to bear the cost of running the home. One of the heaviest burdens in this task is the cost of the electricity. Since it is so expensive, all the cooking is done with wood fires, and the Sisters have to do without many of the electrical gadgets that would otherwise make it much easier and more hygienic to maintain the home.


The bishop has turned to ACN for help to purchase solar panels, which will provide the house with the energy it needs and a less expensive electricity supply. We have promised 10,150 CAD for the realization of this project.



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