Today we arrive in Kitui,

just east of Nairobi

On this leg of the journey, our ACN delegation took part in the annual family day of the diocese, visited a school for deaf and blind children and a rehabilitation center for street children.

ACN-20151023-30953Kitui is situated 180 kilometers east of Nairobi and has a population of around 155,000. The landscape here is much more fruitful compared to some other regions in Kenya. This city has become a natural meeting point for politicians and businessmen. In fact, a large majority of the residents belong to the Kamba, a Bantu people whose main source of livelihood is derived from cattle. Donkeys are used to carry  water. Very few people have cars or other means of transportation. The streets outside the city are in need of repair. Catholics are the majority  (22 %) among the Christian churches in Kitui.

Kenya children
“They are so simple and they bring so much joy”

The bishop of Kitui – fundraising expert

Here, the ACN delegation accompanied Bishop Muheria to a beautiful outstation on a hill and attended Mass in another outstation named Zombe. This bishop loves children. “They are so simple and they bring so much joy,” he says. The picture is taken on a hill with a beautiful view, an outstation of the diocese Kitui, where the Bishop wants to implement a place of pilgrimage. His main concern is the strengthening of the families and the faith in life of young people. The diocese has already constructed a small parish church run by a priest and a deacon and children come every Sunday to Catechism class, which is led by local lay catechists.

The Bishop from Kitui, Mons. Anthony Muheria (appointed 28 June 2008), is a real fundraising expert. “I asked people to give me a chicken. Every family gave me a chicken and we sold them and so we raised 20,000 Euros.” The children came with an egg to Mass. Another way is a small donation of one Cent via mobile. “This is a way of fundraising, that doesn’t hurt. It is not painful,” the bishop says.

“The people have not much money to give but they are generous”


Our ACN delegation was invited to attend a fundraising event for all 24 parishes of the diocese, where the parishioners brought what they have raised during the last year. The money is used for the maintenance of parishes and the diocese, also for the preparations of the Pope’s visit. The parishes with the biggest donation (determined by the number of Catholics) could win a motorcycle. Bishop Muheria explained “The people have not much money to give but they are generous.”


With thanks to Teresa Engländer for text and photos, ACN International

Adapted by Amanda Bridget Griffin ACN Canada

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