Save the Date – Red Wednesday 2020

Mark your calendars!
Wednesday, November 18, 2020 is #RedWednesday

The national office of Aid to the Church in Need Canada (ACN) announces that it will be recognizing Red Wednesday for the third consecutive year. November 18th has been chosen. This day, intended as a reminder that in 2020, Christians are still suffering persecution and religious discrimination, will be held in virtual mode, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cathedral St. Michael in Toronto, in red for the 2019 Red Wednesday event.

“We are certainly forced to be creative, but just as we did the Praying of the Rosary with the children on October 18th, it will give happy results,” says Marie-Claude Lalonde, Director of the National Office. “It is therefore a completely virtual activity that we will present to the population on November 18th. Prayers and testimonials will be on the agenda. We can already confirm that the Archbishops of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver have agreed to participate. We will also have testimonials from around the world, including that of Sister Micheline Lattouf from Lebanon.”

Increasing discrimination and persecution

As of now, people are invited to mark the date of November 18 in  their agenda, and especially the times: 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

“Broadcasting the same content at two different times will ensure that we reach as many people as possible across Canada, taking into account our six time zones.” Don’t Close Your Eyes To Persecution is the theme this year. “Religious freedom remains fragile in many countries,” said Ms. Lalonde. “What is worse is that it is deteriorating in many parts of the world, where there is increasing discrimination or persecution against Christians. The theme from last year therefore remains as relevant as ever.”

Finally, ACN once again asks parishes, dioceses, religious communities and other organizations to please illuminate their church, convent or any other symbolic building in the region where they are located with red lights. The facade of Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral in Montreal and St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto will be illuminated for the third consecutive year, as will the Hungarian Embassy in Ottawa, which has confirmed its participation in the illumination.

As of now, those interested in receiving more information can email lc@acn-canada.org, call 514-932-0552 (Montreal area), or toll-free from anywhere in Canada at 1-800-585-6333. The phone extension is 227.

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