Help for the completion of a new church and community centre in Abnee Baitak


Info from ACN International Projects Department
Poste online April 23, 2020

Abnee Baitak is a new satellite suburb of the town of Madinat as-Sadis min Uktubar, the “Town of the 6th of October,” itself, a relatively new satellite town close to the capital, Cairo. Abnee Baitak was built by the Egyptian government above all in order to provide living space for young families.

What this new suburb still lacks however, is a Catholic church. The nearest Catholic church is over 20 km away.

In 2015 the Egyptian Prime Minister granted a building permit for the construction of the Catholic Church here. Since it is far from easy to obtain such permits in Egypt, work began immediately on its construction. ACN helped at the time with $45,000 and now the building work on the new church and attached community centre for the various pastoral and social activities of the parish is well advanced.

In order to complete the work as quickly as possible, we have received another request and we are stepping in again with a further contribution of $45,000.

Thank you so much for your help in completing this project!

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